Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016) DEUX YOU BLEED?

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Rottentomatoes and imdb scores are still falling, though.

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m4st4 wrote:Virgo, for you: I rated MoS 3.5, BvS is a strong 4/5 for me. Basically my opinion, and that is after one viewing only, mirrors Roepers - there are problems, but positives outweight them easily and there are many. Allow me a moment to geek out after witnessing The Batfleck. Need to take a nap now, you wouldn't believe how many obstacles almost prevented me from seeing this Day Zero, but fuck it was totally worth it.
that's great, not sure why you had to leave

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Berardinelli (2.5/4)

This is the guy who was favourable towards Man of Steel and gave it a 3/4.

There’s little doubt that director Zack Snyder is trying to out-Nolan Christopher Nolan (who gets an Executive Producer credit) when it comes to leeching the light out of superheroes. Nolan, however, understood that the internal darkness needs to be a byproduct of careful character development and narrative thrust.
Cavill’s Superman looks the part, but where’s the heart? It’s no coincidence that the actor’s performance as Clark Kent is unimpressive or that his chemistry with Amy Adams’ Lois Lane is nonexistent.
Affleck’s Batman is poorly served. Stripped of context and dropped unceremoniously in to a new universe, the Caped Crusader comes across as a bitter man who parades around in a costume. Bruce Wayne is underdeveloped and Batman is just a guy in a bulletproof suit with a gravelly voice.
Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot) is shoehorned in as an example of fan service. Her introduction and incorporation are awkward and artificial and she serves no real purpose beyond helping to jump start Justice League.
Jesse Eisenberg’s Lex Luthor on the other hand is a breath of fresh air.
Once Batman v Superman hits its stride, most viewers will feel equal parts pummeled and immersed. Snyder is a master of the dark spectacle and he pours it on starting around the movie’s midpoint. Thematic overtures - such as the role of superheroes as protectors and whether they should be “regulated” - are lost in the dust and debris of Batman and Superman’s smackdown. ... of-justice


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What did he find positive in the film, couldn't pinpoint much outside of Lex, Virgo

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Tomatometer down to 36% now (average is 5.3) :lol:

But I'm not judging the movie yet.

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Allstar wrote:Image
The irony is - we will get to see it. :lol: whether it's fantastic though is still up for debate but given Snyder's track record with extended cuts it should be an improvement on the theatrical in some respects at least.

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seems like he'd fare better stepping away from the studio system

EDIT: lol i thought it was from MoS. i stand by what i said tho
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Are you guys serious? That's fake and from the mouth of Josh Trank.

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Law wrote:Are you guys serious? That's fake and from the mouth of Josh Trank.

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