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Heads up.....
Nolan's next mission
The expected outcome, propagated by news breaker Variety, is that the rights will jump over to Warner Bros. – MGM and Warner’s CEOs reportedly have a close relationship. Given that Warner’s already got the DC Cinematic Universe and Harry Potter spinoff Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them in the works, this could see the studio try and take on the multiplex dominance of Disney.

Assumedly Sam Mendes wouldn’t follow the franchise across (he’s not currently linked to Bond 25), meaning the director’s chair would be open. And here’s where it gets interesting; one of Warner’s most prolific, bankable directors also happens to be a major Bond fan who’s seeded the franchise throughout his recent work. That’s right – if the rights go to Warner, it’s likely they’ll offer it to golden child Christopher Nolan. The Interstellar director has been perpetually linked to Bond whenever a new movie rolls around, but this time it looks like it could be put right at his feet.

With Nolan comes hope for another shift in the status quo – a new Bond. Daniel Craig is contracted for Spectre and its sequel, but a studio shift could send that into legalese. And that could leave the door open for Tom Hardy. Warner Bros. is the common pick for Bond #7’s “home” studio (to the point where he refused to say a single bad work about the “alley” Suicide Squad a couple of weeks back). ... r-bros.php

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that hack?

no thanks

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Puzzle pieces are falling into place.

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As long as Mendes is out...

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Just as long as they don't get any of those brilliant Rueben Flesicher ideas.

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Surely you mean 25 right? Thread title change stat :judge:

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antovolk wrote:Surely you mean 25 right? Thread title change stat :judge:
nope, after that one.

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Ah. My bad.

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Wait. If this means they want him to do Bond TWO Bond films from now, then surely he'll do something else in between.

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