Jackie (2016)

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Vader182 wrote:
m4st4 wrote:I need a trailer.

Natalie in Oscar hunt?
From the sound of it Portman + Stone could be frontrunners in this year's race. Ironically I'm not the biggest fan of either but eager to see ace work from both.

We agree!

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I think La La Land is going to be the first time I'm actually going to like Stone.

I can't wait to see Jackie, I loved Portman's performances in Black Swan, Léon and V for Vendetta. And she's just stunning

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I'm still not interested in this. Portman is very hit or miss, and she's usually a hit when the movie is as well. I'll wait for a trailer to see what kind of film this is.

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Supposedly more art house than biopic, which, cool.

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Alex Billington ‏@firstshowing 2h2 hours ago
Oh my oh my oh my Natalie Portman. Oh my oh my oh my Pablo Larrain. Oh my oh my oh my Mica Levi. Oh my oh my oh my Jackie.

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I wish all biographies looked like proper movies and not just generic Oscar baits, can't wait to see this.
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Jesus the scene with them driving down the highway..

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