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The Wonder Woman strategy of....going for talented directors?

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SilverHeart wrote:The Wonder Woman strategy of....going for talented directors?
Female director for female superhero.

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I'm going off one film for each, but Jolie would be preferable.

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Over the past few days a story that originated from US OK! Magazine (so straight away you know we're on to a winner) has been picked up by a depressing number of outlets, who's only real reason for posting seems to be that they're desperate for it to be the truth. The piece claims that Marvel are courting Angelina Jolie for their Captain Marvel movie (something we've heard already), and that Charlize Theron is the "clear fan favourite for the starring role."

That's it!

The bones of the article revolves around the friendship between the two actresses, and speculates that if Theron were to sign on to play the character, Jolie would surely commit to helming the project. There is no actual story there, but because Theron clearly IS such a fan favourite choice for Captain Marvel, the internet has now decided that it'll be a "rumor".

It's becoming more and more common for a throwaway comment on a forum, or a wild bit of speculation on a blog to be picked up and run with as a legitimate bit of news. Now by very definition, of course, no rumor can be verified as true initially; but the validity of the story can still be weighed up, and it also helps if there even IS a story there in the first place!

Hey, maybe Theron will wind up playing Captain Marvel, and how wonderful that would be - but the fact remains there isn't a single piece of solid evidence or information originating from a trusted source to back up the possibility. Again, you will see rumors on CBM, and some you guys will call out as bullshit - but know that at the time of posting we will always believe that there's at least a possibility of substantiation there. Still, we rely on you to keep us honest - so keep an eye out, check our sources, and if you smell a rat let us know about it!

It would be pretty awesome if Theron was Captain Marvel, though...
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Us OK! Magazine was also the first to report Jolie was in talks and that turned out to be accurate as well.

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I wasn't the biggest fan of Ferguson from Rogue Nation, but I'd love to see more from her. I'd approve of this choice.

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I'm down for a Swedish Captain Marvel.

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That'd be great.

Just as long it isn't Ronda Rousey. Sure I want her to beat me off while choking me out, but her acting in Furious 7 was... worse than terrible.

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