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chinn70 wrote:Image
wuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut :blank:

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Bacon wrote:
Allstar wrote:@Bacon-

Have you not made blatantly homophobic posts in the past several times? You have, stop being in denial.
Just because I did on here years ago in a very immature matter, doesn't mean that I have the same belief now. Contrary to what you may think, people's opinions can actually change. Especially as they learn to grow up. You might want to learn that because, interestingly enough, it seems you never have grown up yourself.

And once again regardless of what you may think (because let's be honest, it's not that important to anyone here), there's nothing wrong with not wanting the fact that someone's homosexual to be the defining characteristic about them. I admired the way that The Flash handled introducing the Piper into it. It was natural. They said he was a homosexual, but never once focused on it and that one aspect about him did not define his character. Someone being homosexual can be a character trait, but it's about as significant as the tone of their voice. It helps make up the character, it's not the sole factor in a character. In today's society, it's very easy for that to become the defining aspect of the character, as said before, being differentiated for the sake of being differentiated. I'm pretty sure that many others here would agree with what I'm saying here.

I don't want to take your bait and derail this thread anymore than you already have, so if you continue to make immature slams at me that are uncalled for instead of actually acting like an adult and having a conversation, don't be surprised if I ignore them.

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Nothing like Nomis to pointlessly bump a post a day later when Bacon and I already handled the matter via PM like adults.

Anyway, I'm trying to think who would be good to direct to this. :think: Marvel can be quite random with their director choices so it's hard to predict. Reports indicate they're indeed looking at female directors. I guess MacLaren could be a possibility now that she is free.

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Allstar wrote:Nothing like Nomis to pointlessly bump a post a day later when Bacon and I already handled the matter via PM like adults.
People don't know we were talking in PM's. Give him a break. Jeez.

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Still pointless to bump it.

Back on to topic.

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Could they possibly be smart enough to go with Brie Larson? Either way I'm almost certain Feige will find someone with actual talents for acting, and not supermodels who lack charisma.£

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Rosamund Pike
Sophia Myles
Imogen Poots

Basically someone British.

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Pike either is or looks too old

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ArmandFancypants wrote:Pike either is or looks too old

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Rebel Wilson

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