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Aquaman (2018)

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Jason Momoa is likely to first appear as Aquaman in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, which opens in March of 2016. After that, he’ll be in Justice League Part One in November 2017, the solo Aquaman movie on July 27, 2018, and then Justice League Part Two in June 2019. So we’re going to get very used to this face.

You guys were disparaging, a little bit, Aquaman…I don’t want to give anything away about the movie or anything like that but Aquaman has some cool abilities. People are like, “Oh what? Does he talk to animals? Cause that seems like what he does. Or fish?” The cool thing with Aquaman is his Trident. So you have to realize that could cut the flesh of Superman if they came in contact. That’s a thing that’s in the canon. He’s super strong cause of course he can exist at these super deep depths so when he comes up here he’s crazy strong. Anyway, not to say he’s in my movie or anything like that but he has the potential to be bad ass, that’s all I’m saying.

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Wow, this thread is just now being made? LOL.

Thanks, BTW, Chinn.
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well... he looks bad ass.
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Who knew the pretty boy from Baywatch would return to the sea...? So happy for him.
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Hope this will be good.
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mchekhov 2: Chek Harder wrote:Image

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I hope this wull be good as well.
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I like how sharp that belt logo looks....

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