Aquaman (2018)

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That was pretty bad

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There’s a scene in this fucking movie where Mera eats roses (!) in an exotic small town because apparently she doesn’t know roses aren’t meant to be food. She even gives some to Douchemoa (!!). What’s more baffling is how the next scene is Mera dropping some coins into the fountain for luck, cause now she definitely understands such obscure human custom. The movie is filled with character inconsistencies like that. At first Douchemoa is not even listening to yet another exposition history lesson (‘something something trident’), but then in the next scene he knows all about the specific history of a puzzle piece at hand. Manta’s father takes a long break in the middle of a superspy submarine mission to exposition tell his son how he got his knife and why it’s so important. Etc. Etc. How WB is constantly throwing money at such trash screenwriting is beyond me. I could write a whole new paragraph on the reasons why production design is actually a total failure as well, but for another /rant time...🕷️

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OMG yes the submarine scene just totally took me out of it. Like dude, now is not the time for exposition!

I thought the Mera eating roses scene was cute honestly. But throughout the movie, she is shown to be smarter than Arthur and much more levelheaded. Even if she doesn't know much about the surface world, I'm sure that she'd know what flowers are. Right? Even if you disregard Mera eating roses, that scene was so jarring. It was like an exec said "quick, we need a scene where we show them falling in love" and then this was added in last minute. It looked like a rom com. Even had the same visual style of rom coms.

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BlairCo wrote:
December 13th, 2018, 7:32 pm
Seems like we're gonna be on opposite sides of the fence here, m4. Spider-Verse felt like it was written by a 15 year old teenager who attended 2 weeks of scriptwriting classes.

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Just got out of this movie.

I can in fact confirm that Jason Momoa is still looking like an absolute snack and a half.

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Surpassed the $500 million mark:
The first solo big-screen outing for Jason Momoa's King of Atlantis took in $11.2 million from 4,125 theaters in North America on Christmas Eve, bringing its domestic total to over $90 million. Add that to an international haul of $420 million, and the movie has managed to amass half a billion after just a few days on general release in The US (it has been playing since Dec 12 in some other locations, however).

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24% drop is predicted for Aquaman in the second week.
Weekend Box Office Predictions for Dec. 28 - Dec. 30, 2018

1. #Aquaman - $52.0M
2. #MaryPoppinsReturns - $29.0M
3. #BumblebeeMovie - $19.0M
4. Spider-Man: Into the #SpiderVerse - $18.5M ... 85088?s=20

I was honestly expecting this movie to bomb. IDK how WB did it. This movie is such a meme movie but people are loving it.

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It's likely doing well because it's big, epic and camp and commits to that last idea fully and wholeheartedly without being afraid of looking ridiculous in the process.

Maybe people outside of America do not feel the need, unlike many American fans of the comics, to see these characters treated with this overly serious reverence, as if superhero comics were anything beyond fluff and children's entertainment.

American comicbook fans say that superheroes are like Greek myths and should probably be mandatory reading material in philosophy courses at prestigious universities. Aquaman is just like 'what if we got you surfer Conan underwater?'
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I liked this. Underwater stuff was good. Momoa is still cheesy. All the otger characters were on point. Overall a good origin film.

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