Ready Player One (2018)

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Such gleeful fun. Of course it was no Tintin.

And yes I loved
The Shining


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Agree this was a fun ride. The "fake" look of the virtual world didn't bother me at all. What bother me was Ben Midehlson mouth/teeth: was he wearing something? It felt weird and I thought it was something of the character, like he had bad fake teeth or something.

And yeah
The Shining sequence was dope.Specially for me, that never saw the movie :?

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Good and solid movie, but nothing special outside the VFX.

I'll give it a 7.3/10

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Spielberg just said that he played ‘Mario VR on Play Station’, which sort of explains this movie.

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I guess this was allright. Performances ranging from good to not so good... Narrative was a bit all over the place but dammit is Spielberg the right guy to sell it. Some of the action pieces are thrilling (with imo the best being the chase scene at the beginning and of course the Shining sequence), but it drags a lot in the third act which takes the whole film down. It's plain melodramatic at times though, which isn't for me. Wasn't a fan of the score either...

The VFX though, some of the close-ups looked incredible* don't think there was any uncanny valley in this, impressive stuff. There were still some overly fake shots but they mostly get a pass because of it being a virtual world and you can only go so far with making everything look real when it's the farthest away from reality lol

*gotta say, with mo-cap these days on the niveau of Thanos in Infinity War and Parzival in this, Avatar 2 is going to wow more than I can imagine atm lol

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This was a surprise. Good dumb fun. 7/10

I always fancy Ben Men 😍

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