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I totally understand why movies can mean a lot to people. They’ve meant so much to me ever since I was a kid. So I totally get it even if those folks would probably tell me I don’t lol. But if you think one or two “bad” or “mediocre” (which is arguable) films managed to single-handedly destroy all of that precious memory you had of your childhood, and if you think that totally excuses and even warrants wasting over a year trashing a fucking film, going nuts over conspiracy theories, and trying to constatly push other people over the edge of insanity because “muh star wars!!!!”, then you don’t just need to get over it, find a hobby, or get a life. You most likely need professional help.

Also why I just do not care what those people think - the most toxic parts of the fandom seem to have collectively forgotten the reception of the prequels. Didn’t you hear? Suddenly those movies are amazing and we love them!!

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I ADORED prequels when they came out. All of them. Then RLM and cynicism kicked in. Nowadays, in my 32nd year, I again appreciate more elements in them then before and would rather watch any of the saga movies than most modern blockbusters, honestly.🕷️

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The head of the Lucasfilm Story Group and Senior Vice President of Development, Kiri Hart, believed to be one of the two hands of company president Kathleen Kennedy from the beginning of the sale to Disney has been scrubbed from the Lucasfilm website. She worked extensively with the directors and writers, they said in the past. A couple days ago there was some residue of her name in the form of the site's source code and now that has been scrubbed as well after people on twitter brought it to the official twitter account's attention. Why and when this was necessitated is anyone's guess. She was credited as a co-producer on The Last Jedi and Rogue One but not on The Force Awakens.

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Obi Wan Kenobi rumored for a six part TV series that would launch on Disney+. Solo corrupted the movie plans.

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So, will Mark Hamill become even more unbearable with his sequel whining after IX premieres or are his Twitter remarks the absolute top these days?

We get it, legendary trio was never in the same shot aboard Falcon, replicating ANH picture. Since (almost) everything else did, can we finally move along and be glad that not all of the stuff in the sequels was totally expected and by the numbers?

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The question is, can he?

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It sucks we didn’t get everything we wanted, but it also sucks he feels the need to feed into the hatred of fringe ‘fandom’, and fan the flames even further.

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I just thought the writing of The Last Jedi was really bad. If people become hateful and crazy because of it sorry.

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I think Mark wanted to be in Star Peace.

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