Suicide Squad (2016)

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Ayer tweeted this in response to a fan last night

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What a rushjob. The most logical option would have been what he said: Joker as the main villain, and a more grounded approach. That was always so obvious from the start. Enchantress? Give me a break.

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it'd probably be a worse film than it already is if joker was the main villain

Leto gave a horrible, horrible, awful performance

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Yeah, I would have much preferred if the Joker's screen time was given to Enchantress rather than the other way around, as bad as Delevigne was.£

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I haven't seen the whole movie but I have seen the scenes with Leto and gosh he is horrible indeed. And that with all the ridiculous 'method acting' involved. Totally unnecessary

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antovolk wrote:Ayer tweeted this in response to a fan last night
Wait, what did the fan say? Why tweet this months after the movie's hype being basically over?

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Lol I can't believe I went from, "Gosh Leto as the joker, what a great pick! He killed it in Dallas Buyers Club" before the movie came out to "What an awful performance, I don't know if I'll ever get excited for a performance by him again".

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