Suicide Squad (2016)

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cchriswake wrote:What the f**k as that sh*te?

Sorry, I'm just finally venting a little because I managed to see it today and this is after I saw the test cut in SF.

I really don't care if WB tracks this down or not because it won't matter anyway.

Spoiler warning
What the hell happened to the Joker scenes?? In the test screening, there was a FULL flashback to Joker and Harley having a little "couple fight" with her pointing a gun straight at his head during an argument then him smacking her hard in the face. Basic gist of the scene was Harley was angry at Mistah J leaving her. Joker then explains, quite gleefully/manically of how he wants to "show you where I was born". This leads into ACE Chemicals where they have the "chemical wedding". A TON of Leto's scenes that actually fucking explained why Harley keeps coming back to him are just shafted. It was quite jarring to watch this final cut with ALL of that missing. Most of all, the important scene with Joker and Harley in the helicopter was butchered to pieces. That could have made for an amazing emotional catharsis for Harley's character but instead is just a side moment. Also cut is the Joker subway scene where he talks to his gang and intimidates them with a Batman story. Oh and the "I can't wait to show you my toys" line from the trailer? From my memory, it's been deleted as well. With all that gone, the Joker is what the Scarecrow was in 'The Dark Knight' and 'Rises'. Glorified freaking cameos. Think about that for a second.
And... why the hell did they change the opening like that? What purpose does it serve to open with Deadshot? Enchantress should have been the one who sets the story up. It made actual sense. With Deadshot, now it's "oh hey there's Will Smith". Also, why cut the whole story of Boomerang coming back to save the Squad after leaving them? That could have been a great theater moment. And now we have a Flash cameo that makes as much sense as the email sequence in BvS.
I will say, that mid credits scene... we didn't get that in the test screening but thank god for Viola Davis. She IS Amanda Waller. The way she talks to Bruce is exactly the way Waller talks to Batman in the DCAU.
I'll just end it with one word: pacing

Make that of what you will.

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Damn, that sucks for Leto.

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You start to unfold his commentary about 'wanting to do two more movies', he clearly wants to do more with The Joker but wasn't able to show enough. A lot of people will hate him but for all the wrong reasons, they just won't be able to explain why.

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So this was fucking horrendous. Just complete drivel, through and through. Was totally not expecting to like BvS more than this, but I do by a lot. BvS at least felt like a movie. Certainly moreso than this dumb collection of music videos, aimlessly moving from pop song to pop song. A lot of unintentionally hilarious scenes.

Also these "characters" are nothing more than cardboard cutouts of their comic counterparts. You could have put the people who dress up as superheroes in Times Square into the movie and nothing much would have changed save for Will Smith and Harley, the only two bright spots.

Leto wasn't awful, but he certainly wasn't good. And that makes him the worst on screen Joker so far. Just kinda bland. Made me wonder what the fuck all that "twisted" method acting was for.

I want to like these DC movies as I grew up loving the characters. But they are just getting increasingly worse. Really didn't expect this film after the footage looked pretty good.

Worst movie I've seen all year for sure

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Absolutely astounding they cut his scenes to mush considering is probably the best scene in the entire movie.

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They weren't kidding about this thing being a music video huh?

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cchriswake wrote:Absolutely astounding they cut his scenes to mush considering is probably the best scene in the entire movie.
Agreed, Kehlani's Gangsta is probably my favorite song from the soundtrack too, so atmospheric. And the soundtrack was unfortunately just song after song after song... that's not a movie after a while, that's a videospot. Often we use that term to make fun of lesser directors, especially the ones who came from MTV background (ahem*Fincher*ahem, lol...kidding) but here it actually becomes this weird videospot/movie mish-mash.
Bacon wrote:They weren't kidding about this thing being a music video huh?
No man. Great choice of songs, even young Eminem, but poor presentation.

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Where is "Heathens" in it?

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Bacon wrote:Where is "Heathens" in it?
End credits. The flashy ones. I saw the mid-credits scene via bootleg so we didn't stay.

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Good. I really like that song and I'd hate to have it be one of the ones interrupting the scenes.

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