Star Wars: The Last Jedi (2017)

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Nomis wrote:
I think it made sense for the worlds we got to see being so compact. It worked on a level that no one was coming to help the Resistance. They were isolated. Not to forget that I think Rian wonderfully uses all the different faunas. For instance, we see where Chewbacca, Luke and Rey get their food from on Luke's Island. The crystal foxes serve a purpose on Crait for the characters etc. I really appreciated that and the designs were wonderful. Same goes for the tech designs, I loved the holograms being a mix of modern and old technology.
As for characters being so passive, doesn't that make total sense when listening to Rose's words on saving what you love, not destroying what you hate? Yes, most characters are being passive but that's basically the point of the Resistance surviving isn't it? Instead of head on attacking the First Order, they flee. It also comes down to Rey "just lifting rocks" and I think the reason she's so absent in the finale is for her to do just that and to afterwards shut the door on Kylo, literally as well.
Canto Bight and the grey area:
I think the Canto Bight sequence has cause to be just by showcasing how the people of the Galaxy make profits from the war. It's not as black and white as the battles between the First Order and the Resistance make out to be. We got a little bit of this grey area in Empire Strikes Back with Lando betraying our heroes at first but making the choice to redeem himself later on. Hell, we even get Rey just going down that cave, not resisting the dark side of the Force Luke was so frightened off. I think it works by showing us this grey area in Galaxy society as well as in the Force and it's users. Not to forget that it's also heavily connected to the last scene and that comes down to Rey basically being one of those kids too.
I also think Holdo was right by withholding her plans from Poe. To me it does make sense because he is a hothead and he does riot when Holdo is getting ready to evacuate to Crait. On top of that, Leia is the one who truly paves the way for Poe to become a leader, she trains him, Holdo does so as well but in her own way. Leia's last line about "What are you looking at me for, follow him." makes perfect sense, I think the best thing about that is that smile afterwards. She has passed on the torch. More on Leia, she also has a connection with Kylo before the accident and I loved her using the Force to return to the ship. I also think this was one of her best performances of Leia, if not her finest work. Hamill aces it as well. He's a multilayered character, now more so than ever and he just balances it so wonderfully. They were both fantastic.
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Biribiri and atilasantos are banned for a week for not using spoiler tags.£

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I luv it

it's all that Persian discipline, I tells ya

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Virgo if it wasn’t clear enough, I love you man.

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8.7 for me.
Close to greatness. This film is better after you let it sit.

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‘A brlliant balancing act’

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So the only time Rian/Steve used IMAX was on the island?

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Some shithead on Twitter who I follow(ed) just completely fucking spoiled the film. Some people.

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Lol that intro...

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