Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (2016)

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The Playlist - Chris Weitz Says Christopher McQuarrie, Scott Z. Burns & More Wrote On ‘Rogue One: A Star Wars Story’

And in a recent interview with Chris Weitz, known for his eclectic directing career (“About A Boy,” “The Golden Compass” and “Twilight: New Moon“), the writer-director confirmed all this and even added one writer who made some notes on the screenplay.

“There was a murderers row of screenwriters, myself excluded, who eventually worked on it,” he said. “Gary Whitta did the first draft and then I came in and did a couple of drafts and then after me came Tony Gilroy, Christopher McQuarrie, Scott Burns, I believe David Arndt* had some notes on it, and then Tony Gilroy came back on again. And it’s astonishing to me that, for me, from my point of view, how well it turned out, given how many writers were working on it any one time.”

[editor’s note: pretty sure he means *Michael Arndt, who also wrote the original draft of ‘The Force Awakens,’ but we could be wrong, and or I’ve misheard the name].

“All credit to Gareth Edwards,” Weitz continued, “Because I think what he laid down aesthetically, in terms of the feel of the movie, is really born out.” ... -20180829/

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