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A thread dedicated to everything you favorite filmmakers have done other than features. Shorts, ads, music videos etc. Post your faves and shit on the choices of others!

I feel a thread to compile them should have been made by this point. If it actually has I don't care this is the new one now.

Fincher, Nike Ad

Lynch, "Premonition Following an Evil Deed" (starts @ 1:00)

Sofia Coppola, "Chloroform" by Phoenix

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oozes style

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Michel Gondry:

Spike Jonze:

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Terry Gilliam: Nike Secret Tournament campaign - 2002 World Cup

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Spike Jonze - I'm Here (Short Film)

So apparently this is being broadcast in theatres this May

National Theatre Live: King Lear

Plot: Academy Award® winner Sam Mendes (Skyfall, American Beauty) returns to the National Theatre to direct Simon Russell Beale (Timon of Athens, Collaborators) in the title role of Shakespeare’s tragedy.

An aged king decides to divide his kingdom between his three daughters, according to which of them is most eloquent in praising him. His favourite, Cordelia, says nothing. Lear’s world descends into chaos.
this is showing around where i live so some of you guys must be able to see it. i'm gonna check it out if i can. it'd be cool to see how his style translates to theatre

EDIT: Just saw an article on Mendes' advice for directors, containing this quote
“Try to learn how to make the familiar strange, and the strange familiar. Direct Shakespeare like it’s a new play, and treat every new play as if it’s Shakespeare.”
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anonymity wrote:Had to include the Martin Scorsese directed Michael Jackson video for Bad. Featuring a young Wesley Snipes.

Fixed. ;)

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