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The Prestige might be my favourite Nolan film. Each viewing is just as good the first if not better.

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Just wanted to say that we're doing good and might even hit 100 pages by the end of this, congrats. :gonf:

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The Prestige = Best second viewing I've ever had (maybe tied with Shawshank Redemption)

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Second viewings are interesting and tend to be more revealing than the premieres in most cases. What made it special for you?

I still can't convince my brothers to give The Prestige a second chance.

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Prestige through Inception will be rather straightforward in terms of discussion and reaction. It's when we get to Rises that things will finally start to get interesting (even though literally everyone here has already stated their views on all of these films numerous times over the years).

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I'm still interested in Armand's and Cil's view on this

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Regarding The Prestige: bitches love magic yo.

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Watching Memento around 2-4 in the morning is my cocaine, no joke. But I don't like to plan it, though. Before I die, I want things to pan out so perfectly that it's actually dawn IRL when that scene where Leonard burns photos of his wife part is playing at my place that'll look something like bruce wayne's bedroom in BvS.

And that's basically why Nolan will always have me at his movies- first day, first show. In hopes to see Nolan top that.

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