Pan (2015)

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He is unrecognizable.

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idk, it says Hugh Jackman at the top

I'm really bored.

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Allstar wrote:
Law wrote:Image

Possible Oscar nom for Jackman?
Looks like Jackman might have back to back razzie worthy villain performances with this and Chappie.
Thanks Movie Awards. Er, I mean, Allstar.

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nolannolanchrischris wrote:Image
I had high hopes for this movie... Maybe the trailer will get me back...

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inb4 controversy arises for Rooney Mara,

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nolannolanchrischris wrote:Image
Okay...that took me by surprise.

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Nothing will ever beat Hans Conried gurgling out "This is your last chance, Tiger Lily!"

One of the funniest pre-Robin Williams Disney vocal performances, alongside Ustinov.

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Not sure how if this'll be good but it looks like Jackman will be having a blast with the role.

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@ThePlaylist posted the trailer but immediately removed it

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