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while predictable ending was still really great, but otherwise does anybody else feel like most of the storylines aren't really going anywhere?

also, those two guys continue to be complete buffoons? Why are they handling one of the show's most important arcs this way? It kind of undermines the whole thing.


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Couple of anecdotes from the producers, regarding Season 2.
What have you heard from HBO about a second season?

Nolan: We’ve had the writers in for several weeks now. So we’re pushing ahead. Conversations continue. The network seems very excited with the direction of the show and very excited with where we want to take it.
Finally, a couple of host-mechanics questions I’ve wondering about, that seem like they might be increasingly relevant: Can you say how are the hosts powered? Like do they need to recharge? Do they eat?

Nolan: Their construction and their power source is something we’re really going to get into during season 2. So we’d like to keep that mysterious. They’re closer to biological than they are to mechanical, but they don’t suffer brain death the same way we do. They’re largely indistinguishable from a human beings, but their brains don’t require oxygen — which opens up interesting possibilities. Their brains are not as fragile as ours. On one hand, their cognition is controllable and malleable, but on a structural level they can’t be killed in the same way you and I can. There are advantages and disadvantages to being a host. Season 2 we’ll be exploring more the nuts and bolts of what they are— as the hosts themselves are trying to understand.
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Holy shit. Hopkins killed it.

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No matter how many times I see this show, I still can't help being astounded by the sheer beauty of the locations where they've filmed. Utah looks so incredibly stunning - hell, they could use this show as a tourism ad. :D

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HBO has a door fetish

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This guy Anthony Hopkins is a pretty damn good actor. Shocked he got his breakout role at 78 years old. :shock:

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What door?
I saw it coming, but my heart dropped. :shock:

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Allstar wrote:This guy Anthony Hopkins is a pretty damn good actor. Shocked he got his breakout role at 78 years old. :shock:
That the dude playing the old fart who created the park? Yeah he's alright.

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Just wrapped it up. Couldn't stay spoiler free before checking it out, but it didn't matter. THIS is what the show is.
Wonder if Jonah has some kind of arrangement with Fred Toye, on these mid-season main character deaths. This is the third time it has happened.

And there's some speculation that the host being developed in that last scene, could be one modeled off Theresa.
Jeffrey Wright mentioned this to IGN:
In many respects, Jonah has described me the first season as really a prequel to the beginning of the show.
Nolan had mentioned a couple of times in the past, that the show's about the origin of a new species. Excited to see where all of this goes.

From an interview with Evan Rachel Wood.
Well, here's another big question: Do you know if and when the show is coming back for a second season?

It's looking good. I haven't gotten an official word yet, but I think it would be a real shame if we didn't get to see where this thing goes. I think the first season is an amazing prequel and a good set-up for the actual show. It's a unique show because you really could make every season different, and there are limitless possibilities. Characters can never die, and they can be a million different people. I really want to see where they're going to take everything -- and if it's going to be like the film, where there's many different worlds, and what those would be. So I certainly hope it comes back.

You shot Westworld's pilot in 2014. How long ago did you shoot Episode 7?

We were shooting it about a year ago today.

Wow, that's a long time to keep a secret!

It really is! It's been killing me. And I want to be able to talk about my theories with people. I've had a glimpse of what Season 2 would be if we get picked up. I'm chomping at the bit to do it.

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