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The Untouchables

Wow, I just had a blast.

Right now, I cant think of a single flaw in this film. Score, acting, directing-wise (yeah De Niro was campy but I think it was what they were going for).

In my top gangster movies for sure

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Yeah, it's obscenely good fun. Very easy to watch. Love Morricone's score.

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Star Wars
'Nuff said.

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I can kind of see why this film effectively discarded any chances of there being another Babe sequel. It's definitely darker and contains more instances of the title character finding himself in peril, as well as some genuinely grim images that feel a bit out of place in a movie targeted mostly for the family crowd. Still, Babe is such a good soul and likable character to follow around that, by the end, it all comes back together for a satisfying conclusion. It takes a somewhat dark path to get there, but I think this is a movie that might play even better on a second viewing. 4/5

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Worst blind buy...ever! 1/10

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Selma: The most surprising thing about this movie was just how good the cast was and the addition of The Good Wife's Colin Sweeney (Dylan Baker) as J. Edgar Hoover might just have cemented the movie's position as one of my favorite ensembles. It's a pity though that Paramount dropped the ball on the movie's Oscar campaign as it was deserving of several nominations and wins including a nomination for David Oyelewo whose performance as Dr. King is among the best of actors portraying real people. 9/10.

Flight: Most movies will have failed to live up to an opening sequence as spectacular and nerve-racking as Flight's inversion of an airplane but Zemeckis is not only interested in giving audiences panic attacks about flying but also in exploring alcoholism and addiction in 2012's most controversial hero. Of course, this character study would have been less impactful without Denzel Washington's performance as an alcoholic who simultaneously angers and draws your sympathy proving that he still has the acting chops. He earned his first Oscar nomination in a decade for the movie. 8/10.

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Return of the Jedi

Theres hardly any push in this film which as most of us seem to agree hinders it from forming any real "adventure" or tension like the previous two. It's like we just walked in on something and all the good stuff has already happened. Solo is virtually useless the entire film which as a kid I never really caught onto, but now it stares you in the face. He shoots some people and hot wires a door - woohoo? A lot of the chemistry between the characters seems so artificial and shoved to the back as compared to Empire especially. The whole Death Star Part Deux thing never interested me, even as a kid. Replace it with some other super weapon or find a way to lure the gang into some sort of trap like in the film so Luke still has that conflict to face with the Emperor, but why a copy of something we had seen in A New Hope? I had read somewhere this was Lucas' doing and others on the project were not fans of it but he got last word.

My girlfriend adores the Ewoks, so I guess that gimmick worked like Lucas had intended. But at times that portion of the film is a pain to watch. It feels so pointless, like we're meandering about in the forest until the main characters have something to do. I would have redone this entire segment of the film, it's a crucial part of the film and it is wasted almost completely.

Luckily, there is some pretty juicy stuff that holds up after all these years. The entire Luke/Vader/Emperor thing is great, the scenes on the Death Star have weight to them, and the Vader/Luke scene when he turns himself in is probably my favorite scene in the movie. We needed more of that and less Ewoks. The score as Luke batters Vader down in pure anger is some of my favorite stuff Williams did in the OT. I really really love it.

I could ramble on about this movie, I've seen 5000 times like the rest of you so I'll stop now.

P.S. - Fuck that added in "NOOOOO" on the bluray. Fuck it in the ass.

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ChristNolan wrote:The score as Luke batters Vader down in pure anger is some of my favorite stuff Williams did in the OT. I really really love it.
That lone male non-lexical vocal is chilling. Might be Williams' finest hour (minute).

The sad thing about it being the Death Star is they removed the one thing that gave it any danger, and that is the moments where Palpatine was going to order Jerjerrod to turn the weapon on Endor.

Obviously the technology wasn't there at the time, but if you were making it now it would be an attack on Coruscant with the intent of assassinating Palpatine, because they've managed supposedly to scatter the fleet and have been fed false intel. Then they get there and the navy is actually there and everything plays out much the same way.

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All Star Superman

Was not expecting it to be that good.