Chappie (2015)

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BlairCo wrote:I'm still excited for the film, but that poster is atrocious.
Yea me too.. kind of. The trailers didn't look like anything special, in fact, this doesn't look great at all, but I still refuse to think that Blomkamp is incapable of creating something as good as District 9. I'd love this to be successful.

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I mean if you keep shoveling your message for two minutes of trailer time it makes your movie look weak... why not let the emotions speak for themselves... Chappie seems like a great character, District 9 had one of those rare third acts that actually worked, not just that... elevated the whole movie. Like you said Ruth, I'd love to believe Blomkamp still knows that. Right now it's hard, despite the cast and the visuals, but we'll see.

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Crappy poster for a crappy trailer...for a crappy movie, probably.

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shauner111 wrote:Crappy poster for a crappy trailer...for a crappy movie, probably.
Can't argue with dem mathamatics

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I'll see it for Dev Patel's smile

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Law wrote:Image
Oh god...

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shauner111 wrote:Chappie poster for a chappie trailer...for a chappie movie, probably.

Seriously, is this a cross of Short Circuit with RoboCop?

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Come on Blomkamp, keep it together.

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I mean

how much say does the director have in the marketing exactly?

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I'm looking forward to Blomkamp's first good movie.

This probably won't be it.

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