87th Academy Awards: 2015

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I love Desplat. Definitely top 3 but wtf?

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Well that was a surprise.

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Lmao :facepalm:

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Why does the Oscars hate Hans Zimmer?

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Desplat YEEEESSSSSS This is pure glory

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I consider this a make-up win for Fantastic Mr. Fox, since this score has a pretty similar feel.

Happy for Desplat, man's been delivering for the last 8 years or so.

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Desplat! Well he did have the best chances.

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RIFA wrote:
Cilogy wrote:WAIT


hello there. it's 2015.

it's already old news that she can sing lol
calm down, that's not what I mean

I just didn't recognize her

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Welp, I'm glad it didn't go to the 'close to non-existent score for The Theory of Everything'.

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