87th Academy Awards: 2015

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ChristNolan wrote:This everything is awesome bit is cringe worthy.
You really hate life.

Mark Mothersbaugh! Batman! That was cool.

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That shit belonged at the Nick Choice Awards. Not the Oscars.

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Darkness! nananananananana No Parents!

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I'm assuming you didn't like the Lego movie either then.

It all looked like it was made for 50 bucks and that's what made it great.

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which part of "When the music starts playing it's time to stop talking and get off the fucking stage" do these foreigners not understand?

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Very happy that Hayao Miyazaki is getting recognize this year

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So far this show is sorta just trudging along....i'm actually quite bored.

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I'm watching The Walking Dead instead.

Partly because I'm too lazy to try and find the channel on Fios.

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6/6 so far.

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