iPhone 5

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IWatchFilmsNotMovies wrote:Who's getting it?

I don't see the point. Why have a handheld computer with a less-than-one-day battery when I've got a working laptop AND a phone whose battery lasts up to a week? eh:

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phone looks like shit.

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Hopefully I'll be getting this one. :D

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I'm getting one for sure. I'm still using a P.O.S chocolate touch that may be the worst phone ever...s

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The major complaint i hear is the charger. Apple has been doing this shit for as long as they excisted. They think its a new/ fresh take on things but its just an inconvenience to users. They maily did it with their computers but now the IPhone. :suicide:

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If I had an update with my plan I'd get it. For now, my iPhone 4 with IOS6 will keep me perfectly content.

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I just got an iPhone so no, I'm content with mine for now.

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I plan to purchase one at the time of my next upgrade in November. I'm quite excited, it'll be my first upgrade since purchasing the iPhone 3GS forever ago.

The black iPhone 5 is the sexiest iPhone Apple's ever made. I anxiously await the sex I will have with it.


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True Story.

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Mantwiss wrote:Image

True Story.
Terrible picture + 9gag band = offensive.

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