SPECTRE (2015)

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ArmandFancypants wrote:
Vader182 wrote:The Russian doll thing is fine, but Skyfall's action lacks much in the way of genuine excitement. Mender will have a defter hand come Spectre after learning a thing or two, but Skyfall's action, while carefully staged and everything, can't muster much in the way of intensity. It's why most of my friends, many of whom like Bond quite a bit, "respect" Skyfall but love CR. Given most barometers of this stuff (which amounts to imdb + anecdotal evidence), a hell of a lot of people feel this way. I love and respect Skyfall, but it's flaws seem to wear on me more with each watch whereas CR still seems to age gracefully.
Whatever floats your boat, I guess. I completely disagree, and I think the Skyfall sequences incorporate a deftness and lightness at times that is iconic and missing from the first two Craig films, to be honest. I think the Westminster sequence and the Shanghai sequence are among the two most intense and gripping sequences in the whole series, as well chase across the moor. Several of the most chilling shots of the whole series are in that moor chase. I guess what I like is that Mendes' needs for the sequences are always character based and thus are more gripping - it's a more direct conduit than in the previous films. They attempt and sometimes do indeed succeed, but they daub it off for a single, Mendes belts it for a 6.

I'll admit that the Macau fight is tame and goofball (but it is the film's tribute to the Moore era, complete with Craig's hilarious aping of a classic Moore reaction shot), the earlier stages of the underground sequence don't really come alive, and the first wave of the Skyfall attack is disappointingly straightforward, but much of the rest represents high water marks. The last Bond film that I feel has as strong a CV of action sequences that are well crafted and well motivated is... God, I don't know. Maybe it's FYEO.

I think ultimately though, I've come around to agreeing with the train of thought that a few (including Irvin Kershner) have in regards to Bond films, in that they're not really action films per se, insofar as that's not what they're about, and for the really good films that's not what remember. FRWL is defined by the Bond/Grant interaction before the fight, not the fight itself, and by Klebb general unpleasantness. Goldfinger, OHMSS, TLD, CR... it's the characters and how they play off each other that is so compelling and the draw, whether they're blowing up a Ken Adam set or talking over a very simple Peter Lamont setup.
Armand, I also loved that little bit of Craig mimicking that Moore reaction during the Macau fight. Earlier in SF though, there's this moment between Eve and Bond when he's come back to the "new" MI6, and he does this movement with his shoulders when he says "Warn me first," when reacting to her wanting to return to the field. I think it's totally Moore. Have you ever noticed that bit?

Edit: It's at 1:05 in this video.

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I noticed the move, didn't make the connection. Just makes that cooler. :)

That's what I love about the references to the series' heritage... outside of the car they're subtle.

EDIT: For some reason it reminds me chiefly of Moore's two "introductions" to Dr. Goodhead (best Bond Girl name ever) in Moonraker.

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Gawker just ran a piece single handedly spoiling the film and posting bits from the script drafts that are in the leak.

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Damn. The film was only just announced and it's already spoiled. :lol:

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If the script leak/spoilers really are true, I think they'll be doing some on-set rewrites.

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On set rewrite? Terrible. Better to stick with what they have, general audience won't even know about this.

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Unless what they have right now sucks.

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Those emails are from earlier this year. They're about early drafts of the script. There have been rewrites from at least three other writers since then.

From what I gathered: John Logan was writing initially, Neal Purvis and Robert Wade were brought in to fix it up, and after that it was handed to Jez Butterworth.

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Jez Butterworth?


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