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Hideo Kojima Official Thread

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Big Boss or Solid Snake? Prequel or sequel? Details still unknown.

Hideo Kojima divulged details on Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes at an "introspective" PAX session about the series today. The game's demo was shown recently to attendees at a Metal Gear 25th anniversary event in Japan, and involved Snake sneaking his way through an open world.

More info: http://www.joystiq.com/2012/09/01/metal-gear-solid-ground-zeroes-is-gorgeous-open-world-and-not/
Release Date: TBA

Just stop. This needs to be in a separated thread and you know it.
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This better live up to the game.
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Also: movie is announced (again). OMG.

Me and my friend recently made our perfect Snake Eater dreamcast and Solid Snake was totally atypical:

Viggo Mortenssen as Solid Snake (!)
Robin Wright as Boss
Anthony Hopkins as Big Boss (old version)
Leonardo Di Caprio as Revolver Ocelot (young)

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Viggo could be good, but my top 3 for Snake are Christian Bale, Huge Jackman, or Fassbender.
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And perhaps a cameo by another badass snake

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Hmm... It's definitely Big Boss, they mention Cuba, Paz & Chico plus there's no octo-camo.

And why would they reveal this new Social Ops thingie for mobile phones, showing us every relevant MGS character there is... Maybe MGS5 is Boss/Big Boss/Raiden and Solid Snake... all in one game, different time? I can't even.
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Its definitely Big BOSS, i reckon it the story of how foxhound came to existence and the les enfant terribles
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Z. Cobb wrote:Its definitely Big BOSS, i reckon it the story of how foxhound came to existence and the les enfant terribles

Small Snake is adorable. :D
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Here's an extended cut of the gameplay demo.

I am looking forward to this, I love the series. Judging by when the game takes place and the fact that it's a prologue to 5, I am going to guess that 5
Is going to bridge the gap between Big Boss and Solid Snake as the protagonists of the series.
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This is fantastic and stuff. But I can't wait for a game where The Boss is the main playable character.
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