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Untitled Star Trek film (Tarantino)

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Well this might make me interested in seeing a Star Trek movie so there’s that
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So I can't believe Tarantino is down for directing his last film based on a collaborative script. And we may be getting two Tarantino films in a shorter period of time than usual, since I don't see them waiting too long to pull the trigger on this.

Now, will this be Pine, Pegg etc? Or a reboot? Will this only feature a couple of key characters going on a adventure? Will we see Shatner make an appearance?

I guess Buh bye Kill Beatrix. Bye 30's Gangster film. Unless he extends his filmography for another..
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I was really hoping we were gonna get that Australian crime movie from Tarantino and see him work with somebody like Russell Crowe. But I'm glad Tarantino is doing something completely different. I just hope Paramount and Tarantino are on the same page once shooting comes around; I'd hate to see another Lord and Miller situation.
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Tbh, I always figured Tarantino would have been a good choice to direct a Star Wars film if it was centered around a bunch of bounty hunters in space. Star Trek? Not so sure.
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i don’t know....

but 70mm Trek would be cool
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There's so much WTF news around this project

1) Tarantino directing a franchise film
2) Tarantino directing a film he's not writing
3) A franchise film he didn't write potentially being Tarantino's final film
4) Star Trek getting an R rated movie
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Tarantino directed two episodes on CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.

It's not that hard to believe he's directing a Star Trek film.
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I just hope QT gets to change the dialogue around a bit. If you're going to direct a r rated movie and it's his last..go all out man. So this Manson era film may be the last pure QT film/script we ever get. That's f'd.
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Damn you, I thought it was news about Stewart but in actuality it's pointless information. Stewart can "want to play" the part all he wants. It's all about Tarantino and I doubt he wants to do a film with the B-team (even though, I personally prefer Picard). He wants Kirk, Spock and Bones.
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