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Batman 3 "The Batman" Poster series

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Here's a couple posters I've made, been posting them over on SHH and thought I'd share here too. :)

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Wow, I actually really like these. A lot.

And its not just because its my favorite title. ;)

Very nice manipulations and photoshopping man. :thumbup:
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So amazing even Batman is amazed.

;) No really. They're awesome, good work on the photo manipulation.
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Holy crap! These are really good.
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Excellent and clever, too.
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i think the first one is the best ;)
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Thanks :D I think I like the Riddler fixing his gloves one the best myself.

Here's a new one focusing on the Riddler's cane. Since I didn't want to implement the "?" into his clothing at all, I went the John Hammond route with the cane, having the question mark embedded inside like the mosquito.


I imagine the Riddler would look at it while thinking, as he spins it in his hand.
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I really like on the Riddler posters it has the added "Who is the Batman?" I found that really clever.
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Awesome stuff, the very 1st poster is especially good :clap:
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Wow, those are really nice. :clap:
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