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My Nolan Supercut

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Hello dear Nolan fans, this is my first post here.


I'm currently at my 2nd year in cinema, and last year I did a supercut about Nolan for my editing class. The ratio is not the same on all clips and some have a watermark (from Memento, the only source I could find the clips was from movieclips and they have the watermark) and why there are no clips from Dunkirk. If I do a 2nd version somewhere down the road I'll surely add it.

I hope you don't mind that and enjoy the supercut! I'll be uploading more supercuts from different directors in the upcoming weeks, so feel free to subscribe my channel if you like! And any suggestions on how to improve my editing skills are much appreciated! All feedback is welcome to help me improve and grow :)

P.S: I just created the channel, so I'll be working on the cover photo and all that! Again, thanks for the attention guys, feel free to comment :)
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