Jim Emerson - The Dark Knight Editing

Christopher Nolan's 2008 mega success about Batman's attempts to defeat a criminal mastermind known only as the Joker.
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I would gladly take my own life if I had to watch a film with this guy. Bloody hell :facepalm:

I'm sure he'll orgasm over explaining how the tumbler switches from upsidedown to rightside up at the end of it's crash in part 2.

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When he tried to re-cut the film... that was lols...

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Ugh. It was difficult getting through that whole video, my gosh what an irritating guy.

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This was pretty spot-on. I'm surprised more people aren't bothered by the editing in Nolan's films, particularly when it's sort of hampering some great cinematography by Pfister.

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I cant help but to agree with some points, if there is something I have criticised TDK for, it is the too much jumpyness in the editing at times. But I love the sequence in question though.

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I saw this a while ago, and as intelligent and informed as the maker of this video is, I would hope he wouldn't be as stupid as he frequently makes himself sound. Regarding the placement of Harvey and the SWAT officer in the vehicle, I had no problem whatsoever- even in the provided clips with narration, to discern which end either of them were on in the scenes, nor did I find any visual in-continuity in that placement and their reactions to the violence around them. Many of these complaints, for all we know, were stylistic flourishes to create further tension and confusion in the action sequences, we are disoriented because the characters are, and it's a tool many filmmakers use to varying level of success.

Yeah, there's a few shots where things aren't where they shouldn't be, and other shots that don't line up as well as they probably should, but much of it was probably the logistics in performing safe action sequences with a high chance of things going smoothly (i.e. having the tumbler jump with the SWAT vehicle right next to it could make things really difficult really fast in such a big stunt, but that's just a thought I obviously have know way of knowing), and regardless, they didn't hinder my viewing experience in the slightest, nor will they. They seem to be film-geek nitpicks we don't even know are stylistic intention or not, and most of his complaints I'm certain are things many action films deal with- at least ones that shoot practically.

Despite being overcut and yes, somewhat hampering the wonderful cinematography of Wally, It remains my favorite chase scene in a film, ever.


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Haven't watched it, probably won't either but wasn't this analyzed in almost every forum I don't know like... 3 years ago? :eh:

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I watched this and I am like who the heck cares really. You could do this for almost every movie especially action movies. So what. Most people that go to movies don't pay attention this and don't care. I hate people like this.

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I noticed some of these when I saw it, but who really cares that much when you are enjoying a fantastic film? Stop trying to ruin your movie watching experience because of some errors that can be missed 90% of the time.

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