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Favorite Cinematography

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These establishing shots. They. Are. GORGEOUS. Hands down my favorite establishing shots ever. On par with the opening establishing shots of Scotland in Braveheart.
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I just recently watched Atonement (about 5 years on the late side, but at least I finally saw it) The movie is gorgeous, there are so many shots that I like. But I have to post the steady cam Dunkirk scene.

I can't deny Wally Pfister's work. Hong Kong shots are incredible. There is so much I like about The Dark Knight (how can you not)! I have always thought the the shot at 1.21was really cool!

http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=pl ... G3rnQ_Kcs#!
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I really love the shot where Alfred is sitting down and reading the letter from Rachel. Especially in IMAX this looks gorgeous. :o
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Cinematography is one of the many great things in TDK.
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Pictures of the IMAX 70mm print of TDK (via @ImTheFilmEditor)


(Sorry it's the wrong thread, I know, but I couldn't find the proper one)
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Has anybody else noticed the camera helicopter in the opening shot right towards the end (of that shot)? Noticed it the other day rewatching it
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Me nem nesa.

Also, neat Willem! I hope to one day see TDK/TDKR/Interstellar and Dunkirk in 15/70mm IMAX. Those IMAX shots will be otherworldly.
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