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Am I the only one..

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Who hokds a fake grudge against Thomas Edison bases on what his dudes did to Tesla in the Prestige?
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I have always been a huge fan of Thomas Edison, because he invented the English Muffin.
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Gotta thank Edison though, he was the one who took in Tesla to begin with. The story of Tesla is one of ultimate sadness and injustice, but also simply nothing short of bloody amazing. He transferred power wireless, before the year 1900. And people today struggle with that. He left some big mysteries behind. For one, HAARP is part of that.
There definitely should be made a movie about The War of the Currents, or a Tesla biopic. And show the world at the same time what a bastard Edison truly was.

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I did a report on Tesla and Edison's a real douche.
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Tesla is da boss.
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Bacon wrote:I did a report on Tesla and Edison's a real douche.

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