only Nolan movie with romance?

The 2006 film about rival magicians desperately trying to learn the secrets of each others tricks.
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Of course there's romance in his films. What you mean is that there isn't the kind of unecessary tacked on romantic sub plots that are usually filler and exist to cater the the lowest common denominator. Which is great.

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steveportee wrote:Image

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There is a lot of memories based on "lost love" in his films..

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Everybody likes the occasional sex scene, and for most blockbusters it is a gimmick of capturing the audience. But Nolan does not need to elaborate that side of the relationships, because of the superior writing and quality acting performances.
For all we know, Nolan does actually write and film romantic scenes, but then they land up on the cutting room floor.

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schrutey69 wrote:Seems to me it is :thumbup:
I swear Following had some form of it. Also, hints of it between Bruce Wayne and Rachel Dawes in the Batman films.

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There was A love interest. But that's it.

There was no action with the motivation of Romance and love.
Borden had a wife, and loved her, but she was a plot device, fair and simple.
Therefore not a romance.

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jibran wrote:Has old Nolan really shown these relationships beyond just emotional links and plot devices, has he really bothered to show intense passion properly?
Nup, it's only plot device.
Nolan doesn't need to delve into romance. He's already got 5/6 aspects to his films.

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I still think Inception at its core is an emotional, twisted, powerful love story. Nolan tends to use love as a poisonous drive for the bulk of his characters. He definitely gets it, and he definitely understands what it can do to a person.

I think the reason he hasn't explored a scene of genuine, raw human passion is because none of his films thus far have called for something like that yet. The Prestige had a few implied sex scenes, but anything further than that would've disrupted the flow of the narrative. Memento had a few opportunities, but it's the same deal. Nolan isn't a prude, he just doesn't dawdle on anything. His movie are cut to the bone and spending any more time on the romance would detract from them artistically.

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