The 2006 film about rival magicians desperately trying to learn the secrets of each others tricks.

This film blew me away more so than any other Nolan film

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TalkOnCorners wrote:
cchriswake wrote:I thought Bale's performance here was greatly under appreciated whether it be through the media or fans who have seen the film. This guy truly displayed every emotion there is to a human flawlessly, all the while portraying two people without letting a slip.

Agreed. :thumbup:

I love how on repeated viewings and when you know the twist already, you can spot Bale's subtle differences between the two. It's really amazing.

Double agreed. :twothumbsup:
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It's definitely going up in my ranks of my favorite movies, Nolan or otherwise. It's vastly underrated, and most importantly it has David Bowie!! :)
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