The 2006 film about rival magicians desperately trying to learn the secrets of each others tricks.

who's performance did you enjoy more?

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Bale or Jackman? for me bale.
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Both were great.
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chee wrote:Both were great.

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if you had to pick one though... i know they were both great.
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Damn that's a tough call, amazing performances by both. I might give a slight edge to Jackman. He just nailed all his scenes, and there were a lot of subtleties to his performance.
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as an actor bale is better when, he "sacrifices" him a lot, like in the mechanist he lost weight and then he win a lot for BB and today he lost a lot of wheigth again for the fighter and soon he will have to win some to batman 3 but in the performance in the prestige i got to say that jackman did pretty well but i have to say bale because he put much efour to his caracter (and because i like better bale than jackman)
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Bale, not doubt.
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id give Jackman a slight edge.
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I liked Bale's character, but find Jackman's acting to be better.
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The unfortunate thing about this movie is that in order for it to be fully appreciated, I think a second viewing is essential. It wasn't until I watched it the second time with the knowledge that Bale was really playing two characters that all the subtle genius started to show.

For example, his reaction to hearing his wife was pregnant seemed awkward the first time. But when I realized that it was his brother's wife and baby, not really his, what was a simple scene on the first viewing became completely loaded and I was in awe of how Bale pulled it off.

I say it's unfortunate because that's the reason the movie doesn't get the recognition that it deserves. So much about this movie was Oscar-worthy, including Bale's performance. On the other hand, Jackman was great and he was perfect for the part, but his character wasn't as challenging I don't think.
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