Alternate Ending?

The 2006 film about rival magicians desperately trying to learn the secrets of each others tricks.
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the whole point of the ending is to show that we have been fooled, but we wouldn't clap yet... Nolan performed a magic trick an illusion on us. Its a very dark ending... showing that creative obsession, my Angier sacrifice a lot of things.

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Z. Cobb wrote:Nolan performed a magic trick an illusion on us.
Can't agree more, it'd miss the prestige ;)

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lionsaulter wrote:it would be the worst ending since The empire strikes back, i loved the movie but i would expect a better ending
Empire didn't need to resolve itself in the ending because it had a sequel coming out in the following few years to pick up where it left off; it was supposed to end abruptly. You can't do that with the Prestige becuase there is no sequel and no need for a sequel; therefore, it had to wrap itself up - and the film's ending did the best possible job of that.

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