Did Sarah really know?

The 2006 film about rival magicians desperately trying to learn the secrets of each others tricks.
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I like to believe she did know they were twins, but if that's so why kill herself? why not just be with the one that loved her, because she knew one of them did love her.

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she did know
but she couldn't live with the fact that the Borden she loved will never fully love her

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we can't know for certain, the actress did say something that wasn't written on the script out of emotion for that matter, you take your own conclusions, my opinion is she realized there wasn't a one Alfred she could trust and that there would never be one so she took her own life, at the end she couldn't live with a man full of secrets that she didn't even know deep inside, I don't think she knew about the actual physical reality of this.

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Yeah i agree she knew.

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Yes she knew. That's why she was saying in the arguement she cant live like this and she knows what he really is.

He proceeds to say 'Do you think i enjoy living like this? do you think I bl***y enjoy living like this!!!??'

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I think she knew, but she didn't say anything because she wanted him to admit it openly.

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hmm, really? That idea never even crossed my mind... but I like it.

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Uhm.... I don't think so, surely Alfred hasn't ever told her and how could you image a person is hiding a twin and changing role with him? Well, you can't live with two men and don't spot any difference, but IMHO she has just thought he was really reallt moody, and nothing more...

BTW, a friend of mine is a bit moody and I told him I suspect he has a twin :mrgreen:

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thats why she killed herself also

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It's ambiguous tbh.

Could be she knew or could be "I know you are seeing someone else etc"

I think she knew

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