Dear Mr Christopher Nolan - I think I cracked The Prestige

The 2006 film about rival magicians desperately trying to learn the secrets of each others tricks.
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My whole understanding of the movie - The Prestige

1) "Clone" is the magic trick or "sleight of hand" of the movie, if you believe it, you are tricked.
>> that why the narrator says "because of course you're not really looking. You don't really want to know. You want to be fooled."
>> The Pledge = Angier did "The Transportation Man" with Root << simple and real!
>> The Turn = i)"Remove" Root
ii)convince you the "clone machine does work"
iii) did several times The Transportation Man" again, without Root introduced in the movie.
iv) Borden killed "Angier", Angier gone!
>> The Prestige = Angier still alive and kicking!
Therefore, the audience concluded the clone machine worked!! Including Borden and Cutter!!

2) The movie is some sort of "stage" for Angier to perform his magic. To the end, he is still "performing", lied to Borden that he had to kill his clones, every time he perform "The Transportation Man" . He want Borden to believe his magic, like he believed Borden's The Transportation Man.
Even in the final frame of the movie, we still can see Angier body smilling in the box filled with water, which i believed it was a life size wax figure to fool Cutter and others.

3) The few parts when Angier was alone, in Colorado or testing the machine, are fake. There are lies that Angier would tell the audience, including me and you, Cutter and Borden. To be specific, the "Hats and Cats", and "Angier killed his own clone". These parts are the "introduction" of the Cloning Machine, which only happened when Angier was alone. Nolan fooling us!!

4) How Angier trapped Borden
After brought back the "Tesla Machine", Angier was the Prestige every time he perform The Transportation Man at the big stage.
Root is "the man in the box"(at almost the end of the movie, Angier did said "no one care the man in the box"), hence Root is the one on stage, the one who walk into the "Cloning Machine", and the one who drop in the box, each and every time!
What Angier waiting was Borden goes into the back stage.If Borden didnt, Angier just need to be The Prestige, If Borden did, Angier will change the lock, and hide himself, so Borden will be the murderer who "killed" Angier, who was actually Root.

And a lots more!!
Nolan's fans please give your comment!!

by Jerry Teh!! ;)

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Thats one good another way to intepret by watching "closely". I find one instance that would contradict your stand.

If the machine didn't work, explain to me on how did Angier was able to perform the transported man "trick" to Ackerman in the theater "live". This was a real incident and not in the diaries of Angier and we saw Angier/Root/Angier's clone appearing at the other end.

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