The Prestige writer says Sam Mendes was his first choice

The 2006 film about rival magicians desperately trying to learn the secrets of each others tricks.
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Chrisopher Priest recently in an interview admitted that Nolan wasn't his first choice but that he'd set his eyes on Sam Mendes.

He also says that he thinks that everything Nolan has done after that was boring and pretensious, and mostof all, badly written and that he should stop trying to be a modern Kubrick and instead try to be a modern Hitchcock.

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Christopher Priest is a well known twat that is butthurt by Nolan outdoing his own work.

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What a piece of shit

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It's shocking that a 71-year old man wouldn't see the appeal of Nolan's Batman-movies.

I kind of like his candor -- and I also wouldn't mind if Nolan did something on a smaller scale next time.

But most people here want Nolan to direct video game adaptations and shitty unwanted franchise sequels (like Blade Runner 2) so...

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Probably agree with a lot of what he said. Prestige and Memento are Nolans best works.

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I bet he thinks that the reason the Prestige was so good was because of the source material. He seems to be forgetting the fact that it takes a great dirctor to make a great adaptation.

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Well, someone's sad.

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If I were to compare Nolan's style of filmmaking with either Kubrick or Hitchcock, it would unquestionably fall closer to Hitchcock's style. I've never understood the Kubrick comparisons with Nolan's work, despite the fact that he considers him an influence. Their styles of filmmaking are totally different.

Anyways, Priest comes off insanely blunt here, but I do admit I'd like to see Nolan going back to a more modest budget and story sometime soon. It's been a while.

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What's his fucking deal?
He was super into the film as it was coming out (which regardless of his thoughts at the time, he's probably contractually obligated to be super keen)
But book's super similar -apart from the 2 other future parts of the diary and the structure of Angier and Borden's diaries.
Whatever PRIEST!

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