Nolan's Best Film?

The 2006 film about rival magicians desperately trying to learn the secrets of each others tricks.
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It's certainly my FAVORITE. As for's a toss-up between Inception, TDK, Memento, and the Prestige.

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josephcq wrote:It's certainly my FAVORITE. As for best….it's a toss-up between Inception, TDK, Memento, and the Prestige.
Can I hear your explanation why? I'm just curious.

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The Prestige is Nolan's best film for sure. The complexity of it all is amazing and the two opening shots alone reveals everything. A clone and a twin. Now, that is impressive.
Nicolas Roeg himself would have been proud.

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Sky007 wrote:
josephcq wrote:It's certainly my FAVORITE. As for best….it's a toss-up between Inception, TDK, Memento, and the Prestige.
Can I hear your explanation why? I'm just curious.
Sorry about the slow reply!

You can make a case for Memento because of how different it is, and the fact that he made such a profound film so early in his career. There is often a natural inclination to like a director's earlier work, or a band's first couple albums more, whether or not they are actually better. Nostalgia is powerful as is the desire to sound smarter than the contemporary minds. That being said, Memento is a VERY good movie, with a truly unique structure, countless plot twists, alongside fantastic acting and excellent cinematography. It's one of the best noir/neo-noir films of recent times.

Inception is great because first and foremost, it's ridiculously entertaining. At it's core, it's an action movie. But why settle for just being an action movie? How about a heist film with some heart? It's a technical masterpiece. The hallway fight alone is enough to warrant watching the movie. The plot is so convoluted and full of rules made for the world of the film that it's a wonder he was able to keep it sensible. The movie is heavy on exposition, but it's never annoying or overbearing as most exposition is. The score is among Zimmer's best, and the ambiguous ending leaves you with something to talk and think about.
But the MAIN reason for me that it stands out as potentially his best film, is that it is truly HIS film. Aside from Following it's the only one he has the sole writing credit for. This is PURE Christopher Nolan, and in that it exemplifies everything about his style, good and bad. Mostly good.

The Dark Knight "changed things. Forever." He set the tone with Batman Begins, and it has the model and style that countless films would later mimic, but The Dark Knight is the one that brought the amount of attention to Nolan's Batman that it deserved. He was able to write and cast a villain that topped an already iconic performance from 20 years earlier. The pacing of this film is PERFECT. It never let's up and never hit's a boring wall for it's entire runtime. I LOVE TDKR, Interstellar, and Inception, but they have points where the story slows down a bit too much at the end. The one does not, save for a brief few heartfelt minutes with Harvey Dent, setting up the tragic and bittersweet ending. Honestly, People forget how good this movie is. People remember it as really awesome, and they remember Heath, but when I watch it with friends who haven't seen it for a couple years they are STILL floored by it. They forget just how entertaining, suspenseful, and moving this film is. All of that ^^ is about a movie where a guy dresses up as a Bat.

I think I connect with The Prestige more than any of his other films because I see a lot of myself in our flawed main characters. As I get older I see more and more how I am a work-a-holic and the damage it may be causing in my life, just like it did for Borden and Angier. The Prestige, more than anything, is a cautionary tale. And I love that the BIG twist is shoved in our face multiple times, and we STILL don't believe it. Nolan didn't just make a movie about magicians and their tricks, he USED their tricks as ways to tell his story. Magic tricks are pretty silly, but they tell us why it's important (the look on their faces), and I'm sure that's why Nolan makes movies. Because of the experience you can give to someone else and make them believe in something more, if just for a moment. I also LOVE the costume and set design, along with great cinematography. It's got a very noir feel to it even in a non-traditional noir setting. And even if you don't like ScarJo, good hell she is gorgeous in her stage dress.

So it's one of those. Can't be sure which.

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Inception. The concept, the cast the MUSIC OMG. Brilliant Movie! I'm tied here with Inception and The Dark Knight.

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I think it is. Yet in my opinion would have been much. The story, drama and actions were incredible as for the realistic theories
and performance. when it came to the Science Fiction part, it made it acceptable but could been avoided if Angier's double has performed the last rule using tesla's machine. Alfred would still look for the secret and many alternatives would come to the same end.

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