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One Little Flaw

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When Bruce's parents are shot, we got a look at Alfred, Gordon and Comissioner Loeb...20-25 years later, they all didn't seem to have aged a bit. I found it a little odd
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Its not really a flaw. This happens very often in films where a time jump occurs. Just one of those things.
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Epic thread.
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Recent trailer proves that Alfred is an immortal.
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This definitely needed its own thread.
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steveportee wrote:This definitely needed its own thread.

Damn right it did. This is a very serious subject here.
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To be honest, Alfred looks younger in the flashback scenes than in scenes depicting present time. Not much younger, I mean he doesn't have brown hair and stuff, but his face is younger, I think. And compare that Alfred with the one in the TDKR trailer. In the latter he's so old and sad. And not only because it's 7 years since BB. His character clearly aged, but not in a cheesy way.
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Commissioner Loeb is Shaft

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