Batman Begins-Nolan's most emotional film?

Christopher's 2005 reboot of the Batman franchise that tells the origins of how Bruce Wayne became Batman.
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steveportee wrote:Batman Begins and The Prestige are his most emotional films.
I thought Inception was more emotional than The Prestige

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Only Inception hit me on a deep emotional level (that isn't to say I wasn't emotionally involved in a big way in some of his other films, Batman Begins and The Prestige in particular), but it was never to the extent I was in say, American Beauty or 2001.


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I would say all his films are pretty damn emotional. If you put yourself in the place of the main character of each of his films you will be pretty damn depressed. All of his films deal with death and that itself is pretty heavy stuff.

I mean can you image seeing your parents killed in front of you? That scene to me is pretty haunting. Much better then the scene in Batman 89.

I'm not sure what Nolan's most emotional film is cuz they all pull at different strings for me but I would def say it's the most emotional Batman film out of the seven movies already made.


also I really love the part when Bruce is standing with the gun in his hand and as he is looking it flashes back to his parent's death. He then throws the gun way. I don't know what it is but I love that scene. I guess cuz that was when it seem Bruce vowed to himself he would never kill anyone or whatever.

You gotta remember he was about to shoot someone. Bruce Wayne was about to murder someone. That scene was also amazing.

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I really find that The Dark Knight is his most emotional. You got Bruce's struggle with wanting a normal life and being Batman,Harvey and his love for Rachael,which in losing her,drives him mad,and of course Gordon,who is willing to fake his own death for the city he loves,and his emotional scene where he almost looses his son. Not only that,but the Joker plan is so horrific,that the absolute worst comes out in people,but they are not acting out of pure evil,they are acting out of fear,which makes them far more symphetic. To me,it is just so emotionally powerful,and still,his best film to date. I agree with I was reading on here,though.All his films are emotional.Never understood people who say his films are "cold." They are very emotional,while being very intellectual. Difficult balance,but he pulls it off in style.

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Batman Begins is the only Nolan film that actually made me cried, and TWICE! The first time was when Bruce was gazing over the bay and then throwing the gun into the water; the second time was when Bruce and Alfred landed in the Cave as they watch Wayne Manor burn.
So yeah, for me this film definitely is his most emotional film.

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I have to say , after seeing Rises, that is probably Nolan's most emotional film. The lengths Bruce goes to save his city immediately makes me think it is Nolan's most emotional. The last 45 minutes is the best stuff Noaln has ever directed.

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The Prestige. And certain aspects of Inception.

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I would say The Dark Knight Rises and Inception were his most emotional films, then Begins. The catharsis scene in the second film...Jesus. :cry:

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MikaHaeli8 wrote:I would say The Dark Knight Rises and Inception were his most emotional films, then Begins. The catharsis scene in the second film...Jesus. :cry:

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The Dark Knight Rises*

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