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Christopher's 2005 reboot of the Batman franchise that tells the origins of how Bruce Wayne became Batman.
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Crazy Eight wrote:
Z. Cobb wrote:no 400:1... thats too much... 100:1 sounds more realistic.
I'm just going off of what Nolan said... it's been discussed on the forum before and I've provided the video to several other disbelieving members... it was an interview after a screening of Following back when The Dark Knight came out. I'm not gonna go looking for it again, but you might be able to find it.
But I suppose a lot of that may have been re-takes, outtakes etc. I bet he filmed a lot more than he put in for the rotating corridor fight, van chase and snow action - however, what I want to know is how the other bathtub scene (in trailer 1) fits into the film. Unless they did an alternate take of the kick scene in the beginning, I can't imagine how that fits into the film.

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Crazy Eight wrote:
tykjen wrote:I bet Nolan at least shot 10 hours of film for Inception.
Nolan's ratio of footage to screen time is "something like 400 to 1" on large productions, so they shot some 900 hours of film for Inception.
Source or it didn't happen.

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Well I still think his comment about 400:1 was an exaggeration because he did say it in an interview about the Following and in reference to a question in which they were comparing the Dark Knight to the Following.

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Source ffs, can't anyone give it to me? I am [that] curious.

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another deleted scene :D

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MrBatman wrote:another deleted scene :D

LOL :lol:

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snape wrote:Image
“They told me there was nothing out there. Nothing to fear…”
In the Teaser-Trailer you can hear Bruce Wayne speaking about his Alter-Ego. The dialog is not heard in the film, and the following scene with him in the Batcave is not in the movie either.
I really, really wish this had been in the film. Bale's delivery was fan-fucking-tastic, and it's the heart of the whole film.

Holding out slim hope that a blu-ray boxed set of the three films will contain deleted scenes, but not much. Nolan seems to heavily dislike revealing what wasn't used in any of his films, yes? (And I'd love to have commentary from Nolan and Pfister on them, too, but might was well wish for my own Batmobile while I'm at it.)

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