Watch This While You Work

Christopher's 2005 reboot of the Batman franchise that tells the origins of how Bruce Wayne became Batman.
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Mr. Caine wrote:
Mason wrote:I can't watch a Nolan film while doing something, like writing a script for example, it's too mesmerising.
I cant even go to the bathroom while watching a Nolan film.

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lol who fucking studies?

Not I. I am also a college drop out :lol:

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I find that I can't concentrate on homework or whatever I'm supposed to be doing when I'm also doing something else (like listening to music)... :(

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Cilogy wrote:This cannot be coincidence. I had to make a separate thread about it.

The first time I saw this film was in 2006 while studying for a major history exam in high school. It was such a thrilling and yet sobering feeling. Ever since then I try to watch it while studying, doing homework, or working on some kind of project.
Today, I saw it while while studying for a final exam on Friday.

Every time I see this film while doing work, it makes me more focused and gives me this very uniquely positive feeling. I also end up doing really well on the homework or exam.

Try this. :thumbup:
Movies while you work are awesome. Almost wish I was back in college, no job, living off student loans again when watching movies, playing video games and writing philosophy papers was the only thing I spent my days doing.

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