christian bale vs val kilmer vs george cloney

Christopher's 2005 reboot of the Batman franchise that tells the origins of how Bruce Wayne became Batman.
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Mason wrote:Clooney was the perfect Batman.

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Is there really any reason this is up for debate.

Bale all the way.

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lionsaulter wrote:who do you think is the best batman/bruce Wayne? i think that bale is the best thought i think val kilmer´s version of batman was awesome aswell . :batface:
The Clooney... :lol:

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Baconboy wrote: Worst Batman: Clooney
Worst Bruce: Clooney
Disgrace to all things Batman: Clooney

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I'd say bale was even better than keaton because he made me care about Bruce wayne in a way i really didn't with keaton's interpretation. I'm with Roger Ebert on Burton's batman films: pretty to look at but not much substance. Keaton made an OK batman and val Kilmer and Clooney were just...blah best not think about them.

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Best Batman-Adam West
Best Bruce Wayne-Adam West

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Mr. Caine wrote:Best Batman-Adam West
Best Bruce Wayne-Adam West
I totally agree. Totally.

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Thread should be retitled "christian bale > val kilmer > george clooney".

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