Christopher's 2005 reboot of the Batman franchise that tells the origins of how Bruce Wayne became Batman.

The Dark Knight, then Batman Begins

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Just wondering if anybody round here saw BB after they saw TDK?

Interested to know if you were disappointed by BB or were pleasantly surprised? What were you expecting before you sat down to watch it, knowing what you did from TDK?
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i saw BB first
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I saw BB way before The Dark Knight aswell.
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A friend saw TDK first and he told me he was a little bit confused at the beginning because he didn't know how many people knew Bruce was Batman.
ha ha I imagine the guy saying like WTF? on the scene when Bruce asks Lucius for a new suit.
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Just wondering if anybody round here saw BB after they saw TDK?

Me. I did not really enjoy TDK and expected BB to be more my liking - I was right :P BB was kind of slower and more "calm" than TDK to me. Can't really describe it, but i remember so many strong pictures from BB and what i remember from TDK is mostly a chaotic visiual impression... though i like some scenes from TDK too.
I think the style of TDK is of course for purpose, i just couldn't enjoy it. Maybe i should watch it again some day...
While I didn't watch Batman Begins when it came out in 2005, I did see it before The Dark Knight.
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:batface: 'I saw TDK first'
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First BB then TDK ;)
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I couldn't watch BB on the big screen (the cinema was closed during that summer :evil: ), but i bought the dvd months later.
Loved it. Then I went to cinema for TDK and it was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G.
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Yea, I saw Batman Begins like 5 times before I went out to see The Dark Knight.
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