Favorite scene - Batman Begins

Christopher's 2005 reboot of the Batman franchise that tells the origins of how Bruce Wayne became Batman.
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What is your favorite scene in Batman Begins?

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The car chase, and the final scenes

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The scene where younger Bruce confronts Falcone and the first Batman fight scene at the docks.

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the one where Bruce gets into the cave, and in the darkness he's sorrounded by bats...

that's AWESOME.
Nolan caught the essence of the character, and these scenes are a pleasure for our eyes...

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One of my favorites is the sword scene on the frozen lake.

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mine is easily when Bruce is at the Luge of Shaddows, with the fear effect on him and is versus Ras al Gual and a blockade of soldiers
especially when Bruce cuts the side of a soldier and Ras thinks it is him

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I'd have to go with Bruce pretending to be drunk at his birthday party.

I love the look on his face when the old guy says to him 'the apple's fallen very far from the tree Mr Wayne'.

Awesome acting from Bale.

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when Batman interrogated Flass on the rooftop, I don't know why but my heart was about to explode when I saw that on the theatre the first time, there I thought, now this is the batman we all fucking deserve!

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Escape from Arkham where he triggers the sonar device and summons the bats

I've read Year One a long time ago and to see that on the screen made me actually jump out of my seat with joy

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The first time we see Batman. Him getting Falcone out of the car and.... "I'm Batman".. and then he looks at the dude from The Saint and says "Nice coat." :clap:

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