Christopher's 2005 reboot of the Batman franchise that tells the origins of how Bruce Wayne became Batman.

Batman Begins 2-disc material

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Mr.Hmmm wrote:I have the 2-disc edition of Batman Begins. And I didn't buy it, it was a present, lol. I loved the comic book format, the mini-story in it.

It was kind of cool the first time, it just got annoying after that IMO.
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I hope when they release Bat trilogy,they release something like The Ultimate Matrix Collection.It's DVD Pack is of 10 discs and BR pack is of 7 discs.
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Yeah the special features on BB are much better than those on TDK, and the ones on Inception are even worse. Here's hoping that TDKR has some decent Special Features.
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the inception special features were decent
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lionsaulter wrote:the inception special features were decent

I thought they were terrible :)
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lionsaulter wrote:the inception special features were decent

It's not so much of a case of what was on there but what wasn't. There was barely anything on there, just a behind the scenes look at a few scenes, a feature on Dreams and a comic prologue. The BTS and the Feature were decent, haven't read the comic, but there was barely anything on the Disc, especially compared what was on the Batman films.
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