Christopher's 2005 reboot of the Batman franchise that tells the origins of how Bruce Wayne became Batman.


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Cheap :)
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Nice. I have the original posters.
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original posters? cool!

i went to mill hill medical research centre which is what they used as arkham asylum!
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Yeah I bought it 4.99 about two years ago, total bargain and is really intresting, Wrote a review on it as well.

"If you are a Batman or film fan, buy this book. I remember watching the film in the cinema and wanting to know more behind the camera.
It tells and shows you all the different designs and inspirations for Gotham City, tumbler and the bat suit.
There are also production photos and a great storyboard of an action sequence from the movie
They also go into great detail of how the applications work in the tumbler and the suit.
But the bits that interest me the most were the filming of Tibet scenes and they show you what was real and what wasn't (CGI).
All in all, if you have any interest in filmmaking and what to know how they make big scale films visually brilliant with depth of a real world.
Buy this book and at a fiver is a steal."

Well its 17 quid on there now but I got it on there for 4.99
http://www.play.com/Books/Books/4-/6451 ... oduct.html
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ur rite man total steal :D

even if its crap its still worth it! :)
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THE DARK KNIGHT TRILOGY art book is the best one by far. Highly recommended.
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m4st4 wrote:THE DARK KNIGHT TRILOGY art book is the best one by far. Highly recommended.

I highly recommend not bumping threads to raise your post count lol
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