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Did David S Goyer ruin this film?

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I've always felt that at a certain point in Batman Begins (when Bruce returns to Gotham) that the movie drops in quality massively. The first hour is terrific and is classic Nolan like the way cuts to different flashbacks effortlessly. It's like as if Nolan does all the hard work in the first hour with the interesting character development and then someone has to come in to sell the popcorn by adding the cheese factor.

The second and third acts of BB are where most of the action takes place and honestly it just doesn't cut it, especially when compared Nolan's later films TDK,TDKR and Inception. I've always thought David S Goyer was the one to blame for the lacklustre way BB ends. Lines like 'I gotta get me one of those' are clearly Goyerisms.

I think his influence was severely limited in TDK/R, especially since Jonathan Nolan joined as writer. It's sad though, I love TDK and TDKR and I wished BB was as good as the other two.
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I agree to an extent.
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Who said this film was ruined? :problem:
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natalie wrote:Who said this film is ruined? :problem:
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I personally prefer Begins to both TDK and Rises. So no I don't think anyone ruined anything.
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Talli confirmed.
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RyanRises wrote:Talli confirmed.

No. Confirmed.
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I love the "I gotta get me wanna those" line. :oldmanface:
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I didn't like the idea of that microwave transmitter for a while, but I've come to appreciate it. That final act makes sense when you think about the goals and the motivations of Ra's.

Without Goyer, Nolan's trilogy wouldn't have felt like Batman enough; I always assumed Goyer was the comic expert of the trio (Chris, Jonah, and himself).
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