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Am I the only one who thought Ra's was the best villain?

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Not the best but very underrated. Great performance by Neeson.
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anepicmoviereviewer wrote:Not the best but very underrated. Great performance by Neeson.

Yes, definitely. Btw, he "survived" through the entire trilogy.
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The Joker and Bane over Ra's any time... But that just shows how awesome those two were. Liam is the god of mentor characters.
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no your not. ra's al ghul is the most underrated batman villain in the dark knight trilogy. my favorite villains in the trilogy go as joker then bane then two-face then ra's then scarecrow then talia.
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They all were fantastic. I can't choose who was the best. Even Talia, her eyes in the scene where she reveal herself, were very intimidating. Loved this.
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It depends on what you see as 'best'. I think Ra's is definitely the most ethereal, which goes really well with the origin story. Liam Neeson has such great presence in general.
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