Christopher's 2005 reboot of the Batman franchise that tells the origins of how Bruce Wayne became Batman.

Where do you think Bane was during all this?

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He was causing world war 1 and 2 and then came to Gotham!
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BlairCo wrote:What I want to know is, if Talia resented her Father for not allowing Bane to be part of the LOS, why does she care about him after she learns that Batman killed him?

Maybe she learned to put things into perspective; almost a "lesser of two evils" thing. Or perhaps she thought death was a more suitable revenge for what he did to Bane.

The latter sits better, but I'm only guessing here.
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He's at home... Washing his tights! HAHAHAHA!

sarrydoter123 wrote:i have no idea.but i like batman very much.

i was gonna write a sarcastic response but then I realized I agree.
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He was in a happy place called Unicorn Dreamland, playing with Talia.
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